3 Payment Solutions the Best Merchant Services Companies Offer

February 21, 2019

merchant services

The best merchant services companies offer a variety of payment solutions geared toward making your life as a business owner less stressful.

If you’re not familiar with merchant services, don’t worry. It’s simple! Basically, merchant processing enables businesses to accept payments through secure channels using debit or credit cards. However, that’s just the beginning.

While making an informed decision doesn’t mean you need to become an expert on the subject, it is important to dig deep to ensure you’re working with the best team possible.

Your merchant service company should offer a variety of payment solutions like the following:

1. Credit Cards and Payment Processing

At bare minimum, a payment processor will set your business up to accept credit cards so that you can serve a larger pool of customers. A merchant services company — also known as a payment processor — will process customer credit and debit card transactions on behalf of your business and your business’ bank.

Your merchant services company should provide your business with up-to-date, cutting edge processing services so that you and your employees can serve customers quickly and efficiently.

For example, credit and debit card authorizations should only take a matter of seconds. If you’re waiting longer than that or frequently run into issues, that’s not a good sign. Likewise, security should be top priority, too; make sure you chat with your payment processor about their steps to ensure customer and business privacy.

2. Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Gift cards and loyalty programs are essential for growth for most businesses. By recognizing and rewarding customers for repeat business, you’ll give them a reason to keep coming back to your company.

A good merchant services company will provide a wide variety of simple, manageable options for your business.

Look for the following options:

·   Reloadable gift cards. They give customers the chance to use the same gift cards over and over.

·   Loyalty programs: Incentivize and reward customers with promotions and discounts.

·   Design-Your-Own program options for customer spending and more.

·   Promotions and discounts available through email and texts in real-time.

3. Point of Sale Systems

Point of sale systems — cash registers typically including a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner — are absolutely vital for growing, busy restaurant and retail businesses. You should have access to dozens of options to choose from for your personalized needs within each POS solution.

Your merchant services company should offer:

·   Restaurant and retail solutions

·   Electronic cash registers

·   Processing terminals

·   Mobile processing/wireless terminals

·   Smartphone attachments

·   And more!

At East Commerce Solutions, our team will create a merchant services program to meet all of your unique payment solutions needs, to ensure you’re getting the best processing solutions at an affordable rate — while helping you increase your profits! Contact us today.