3 Ways Updating Payment Processing Systems Helps Dentists Save Time & Money

April 18, 2019

dentists save time and money

With hectic schedules in fast-paced offices, many dentists don’t pay too much attention to their payment processing systems. They don’t realize that they can save time and money simply by updating their systems.

As a result, systems may be outdated or simply the wrong fit for their office, interfering with employee workflow and even driving away patients. An inefficient system can take a toll on day-to-day operations, especially in medical offices. In contrast, efficient systems keep staff focused on providing the best possible care. Most importantly, they contribute keeping patients coming back.

If you’re a dentist, here’s how an efficient system will save time and money:

1. Streamline Costs

Dental offices typically have very few chargebacks, which is what happens when patients request a refund through their bank or credit card company instead of dealing directly with the dental office. Because of the low chargeback rate, dental practices are considered low-risk and as a result, processing costs are minimal. The right payment processing system will take this into account.

Likewise, the right payment processing provider will understand that you don’t need certain features of a full POS system. For example, retail store systems require features like barcode scanners and back-end services that are irrelevant for dental practices.

When you upgrade to the right system, you’ll be able to securely process cards while eliminating unnecessary, expensive features.

2. Simplify Tasks for You & Staff

Did you know an efficient payment processing system can make life easier for you and your staff? Many administrative and back-office operations can be streamlined and simplified with the right technology.

An upgrade will help clear space in staff schedules for more pressing projects — so you can focus on the most important thing: your patients.

A system should:

·   Meld with your existing management system

·   Reduce manual errors

·   Store important information

·   Reduce paper records — and waste — with electronic features

3. Serve Patients with Quick, Easy Payment Options

Patients will return to a dentist whose office is efficient, offering payment flexibility, convenient processing and fast check-out experiences.

As a standard rule, your POS system should absolutely accept debit and credit cards. But how can you go beyond simple, traditional services?

·   Utilize auto pay

·   Accept all payment options

·   Make payment as convenient as possible

Modernize further and increase check-out speed with advanced technology by accepting the latest in payment options. For example, consider letting your patients pay with their smartphones.

For dentists who are ready to save time and money, it’s time to upgrade your payment processing system! Contact the team at East Commerce Solutions to get started.