4 Ways Businesses Can Attract New Customers

February 20, 2018

attract new customers

Every business is looking for new ways to grow. Often the solution is to open a new location, expand on social media or find other innovative ways to market yourself to your community.

But did you know there are ways to increase revenue without vastly expanding your marketing and expansion budget? You can start by exploring opportunities to grow by updating your payment processing system.

Here are four ways our services can help:


1. Offer Online Ordering

Every year, more and more consumers are opting out of brick-and-mortar shopping in favor of online options. If your business doesn’t offer e-commerce options, then you could be losing customers.

Our streamlined online payment processing software solutions can help you fix that problem right away. You can start showcasing your best product or service and begin feeling the positive impact on your business immediately.


2. Take Payments on the Go

Before you open up a second location across town, consider that you can still do business in different places around the community with an on-the-go payment processing system.

With mobile payment processing, you are able to collect payments wherever the customer may be – at a trade show, a farmer’s market or any other location.


3. Build a Seamless Payment Experience

Everyone remembers a poor experience at the register. An unresponsive system, awkward and challenging tipping, or waiting in a long line while another person’s credit card processes detract from your business’s overall experience.

On the other hand, a seamless payment goes a long way when you’re trying to retain your customer’s high opinion and win repeat business. If you take mobile payments, accept all types of credit cards and have a user-friendly system, customers can be in and out of your shop with ease. Pleasant experiences turn customers into ambassadors, which means you’ll be seeing their friends and family!


4. Offer Gift Cards

Everyone has experienced a moment when they are in a store trying to buy something for a loved one, and they just don’t know what they’ll like. While you can always include the receipt with your gift in case they want to return it, wouldn’t it be easier if you could offer your customers a simple solution like a gift card?

Especially around the holidays, 27% of consumers would prefer buying a gift card over an unwanted gift. Not offering gift cards might mean customers go elsewhere with their purchase!


East Commerce Solutions Can Help

If you’re interested in exploring any of these avenues for growth, East Commerce Solutions is your answer. Contact us now!