5 Reasons Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards This Holiday Season

November 29, 2018

gift cards

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, is your small business utilizing a potential revenue resource — gift cards?

For ten years straight — and counting — gift cards have been the most-requested holiday gift, according to an internet survey.

If your business doesn’t offer them, here’s what you’re missing out on:


Buyers Feel More Freedom

As everyone knows, the holidays are crazy, and on top of hectic schedules and stress, buyers feel pressured to find the perfect gifts for family and friends.

The buyer might not feel comfortable purchasing a specific item for a recipient, but if they know their giftee would be drawn to your brand or service, then they can confidently purchase a gift card, leaving it up to the recipient to decide what to buy.

That way, the pressure’s off the buyer but the gift is still specific and personalized.


Gift Cards Are the Solution for Last-Minute Shoppers

For the last-minute buyer, gift cards are lifesavers. You can grab a gift card for family, friends or party hosts days or even hours before rushing off to a holiday dinner or cocktail party.

Businesses that don’t offer gift cards, especially during the holidays, can lose out on sales from customers who don’t have time to shop for an item, but only have time to rush in and grab a card.


Gift Cards Are Cute Stocking Stuffers

Think about it: What’s a great personalized item small enough to fit into a stocking that’s of real value to a gift recipient? People love digging through the stocking to find a gift card to their favorite local shop or a new restaurant they’ve been wanting to try.


The Recipient Will Probably Spend More Money

The beauty of gift cards as a holiday gift? Not only do they get people out shopping after the holidays to keep numbers booming and traffic flowing through your doors, but they increase the likelihood of the gift card user spending more money than the value on the card.

Statistics show that 20 percent of customers who redeem gift cards do this.

Free Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Gift cards are opportunities for people to try something new without any risk to them. When you sell gift cards, you’re marketing through the buyer and gift recipient, both of whom might share the news about your product with even more friends and family.

Plus, with great identifiable business branding on your card, you increase brand awareness and free exposure every time the recipient has the card out.


It’s time to grow your company and incorporate gift cards into your business plan this holiday season. That’s where the team at East Commerce Solutions comes in. Contact us today!