5 Strategies to Increase Restaurant Table Turnover Rate

May 19, 2019

table turnover

Increasing restaurant table turnover rate can dramatically impact your bottom line. This is crucial when there are so many variables you can’t control, like employee turnover and the cost of food and supplies. Building and running a profitable restaurant is extremely challenging, so don’t leave any stone unturned.

According to the National Restaurant Association, U.S. restaurant industry sales will reach $863 billion in 2019. These design- and technology-based strategies can contribute to increasing your table turnover rate, so you claim a larger portion this year.

1. Start the Dining Experience Online

More people than ever are going online to learn about restaurants before they walk through the door.  Make it easy for them to navigate your website. Showcase your full menu and feature items that your kitchen can prepare quickly. This will speed up ordering and food preparation.

For faster processing, consider allowing customers to order and pay online for some or all of the meal in advance.

2. Reset Dining Room

Small changes can have a big impact. For example, move your floating tables and chairs closer together. Proximity to others subtly encourages patrons to eat faster.  

When your ability to move furniture is limited by accessibility regulations, you could prioritize seating people in the middle of the room instead of against windows. The middle is typically bustling with service-related activity, so guests eat quickly as they mirror the energetic atmosphere.

People also tend to linger if they are seated on furniture anchored to the ground, like booths, or when their seat is extremely comfortable. If you are in the position to purchase new furniture, consider eliminating anchored pieces altogether and selecting seats made from harder materials.  

3. Engineer Background Music

The film industry has cashed in on the emotional connection people have with music. Why not strategically choose music so you can, too?

With advancing digital tools, building a custom playlist and adding to it over time is easier than ever. People move faster when songs have upbeat tempos and driving beats, so experiment with more energy in your soundtrack. Not only may it speed up table turnover, it could even boost your staff’s energy level.

4. Link Kitchen Technology to Dining Room

The use of kitchen management systems that link directly to your POS system is continuing to grow in popularity among restaurant owners and operators. Giving your servers the ability to send messages through to the kitchen without physically having to leave the dining room means they are spending more time attending to your patrons.

Also, using technology to balance demands on the kitchen means that food reaches tables quicker and speeds up turning those tables.

5. Use Pay-at-the-Table Technology

Tables also free up quickly when you implement pay-at-the-table technology throughout your restaurant. Eliminate patron wait time with a wireless pay at the table solution carried by your servers or even one that stays at the table with patrons throughout the meal.  

Customers appreciate not having to wait for credit card processing, especially if they are in a hurry. Once they depart, your staff can immediately start preparing the table for whoever comes next. Pay-at-the-table technology simultaneously increases table turnover and demonstrates how much you care about the customer experience.   

At East Commerce Solutions, our team can help you improve the customer experience and increase your restaurant table turnover rate using the latest technology solutions. Contact us today.