5 Ways for Small Businesses to Market to Millennials in 2019

February 19, 2019


If marketing your small business to millennials is part of your strategy this year, then you’re on the right track. But what makes millennials so important to your business?

To start, according to a Pew Research Center report, the generation is expected to overtake boomers in 2019; at 73 million, millennials will outrank boomers by a million people.

The millennial presence is great news for local business owners. Compared with other generations, millennials’ buying patterns point directly to shopping at and supporting small businesses.

Whatever generational category you fall under, marketing to millennials will only boost your business. Here are some ways to catch their attention:

1. Have Genuine Messaging

Millennials appreciate honesty and authenticity. They’re drawn to transparency, especially when it comes to brands they’re considering purchasing from.

Millennials want to get to know you and your business. Simply purchasing a product isn’t enough for them — they crave authentic interaction and meaning, too.

So, in your marketing messaging, consistently structure your content in a way that reveals the heart of your business.

Ask yourself questions like:

·   What are my brand’s core values?

·   Why?

·   How can I effectively and genuinely communicate them?

2. Define Your Brand

One of the best ways to form relationships with millennials and keep them coming back to your business is by creating a genuine brand personality.

Strong storytelling, especially when it comes to writing and sharing your brand bio, will help set you apart from the competition. Different brands take on various tones; for example, your brand could communicate through humor, standing for a cause, by being inspirational, etc.

Whatever you choose, the most important factor is that you’re real in your messaging — millennials want to interact with down-to-earth businesses that are relatable.

3. Utilize Video Marketing

Well-crafted video content appeals to potential customers, helps you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd and creates strong visuals. Fortunately, millennials love videos — 80 percent use videos to conduct research before making a purchase.

A handful of short, well-crafted, high-quality videos on your website and social media could help increase your conversion rate and bring in return customers.  

4. Use Your Business to Support a Worthy Cause

Millennials love getting behind a good cause in just about any category, ranging from conservation, humanitarian and environmental work to social justice.

When your business supports a good cause, it’s a win-win situation: You provide incentive for buyers to choose your business while you help support an important initiative and stand out from competitors in the process.

5. Have Updated POS Systems

Millennials are a technological generation. Naturally, they expect their experience at your small business to be seamless when it comes to payment processing.

Do you offer credit card payment options? Do customers have to wait in long lines and pay at the register, or do you have employees on the floor with mobile systems?

At East Commerce Solutions, our team will create a merchant services program to meet all of your unique payment solutions needs, to ensure you’re getting the best processing solutions at an affordable rate — while you to increase your profits! Contact us today if you need to upgrade your POS system to better market your small business to millennials!