3 Ways Updating Payment Processing Systems Helps Dentists Save Time & Money

April 18, 2019

With hectic schedules in fast-paced offices, many dentists don’t pay too much attention to their payment processing systems. They don’t realize that they can save time and money simply by updating their systems. As a result, systems may be outdated or simply the wrong fit for their office, interfering with employee workflow and even driving away patients. An inefficient system can take a toll on day-to-day operations, especially in medical offices. In contrast, efficient systems keep staf

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Dermatologists: To Avoid Losing Patients, Use an Effective Payment Processor 

April 4, 2019

Dermatologists who use inefficient payment processors are often so busy running their medical practices that they don’t realize their current systems may be driving away business. Your payment processor should be constantly evolving with technology — and keeping you up-to-date on trends and best practices. What sort of POS system do you use, and how efficient is it? Do you offer incentives to patients? Here are methods that keep patients coming back: Ensure Fast, Secure Checkout Exp

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3 Payment Solutions the Best Merchant Services Companies Offer

February 21, 2019

The best merchant services companies offer a variety of payment solutions geared toward making your life as a business owner less stressful. If you’re not familiar with merchant services, don’t worry. It’s simple! Basically, merchant processing enables businesses to accept payments through secure channels using debit or credit cards. However, that’s just the beginning. While making an informed decision doesn’t mean you need to become an expert on the subject, it is important to d

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