How to Choose an Ecommerce Payment Processor

August 19, 2018

ecommerce payment

Many businesses depend on e-commerce, and your e-commerce payment gateway, which links your store to banks or payment processors to validate payments, can make or break your online sales.

E-commerce allows your brand to sell products and services after-hours and worldwide at a fraction of the cost of running a brick-and-mortar store. Your offerings can reach audiences as broad or niche as you choose, and your customers can order from the convenience of their own home or their phones.

However, not all e-commerce payment gateways are created equal. Here are four points to consider when choosing the best system for your business.

1. Choose an ecommerce payment gateway that supports all forms of payments.


Your customers will likely use a wide variety of methods to pay – not just the usuals like Mastercard or Visa. If your store can’t support a customer’s preferred method of payment, you could lose the sale. Make sure you understand your target audience’s payment preferences and choose an ecommerce payment gateway that suits as many of your potential customers as possible.

2. Look for a platform that makes buying easy for your customers.

 Supporting a variety of payments isn’t the only thing that reduces your customer’s checkout friction. An easy-to-use payment process, good user experience, and mobile-friendly layout makes checkout fast, which means your customers will be less likely to abandon their shopping cart, and also more likely to return to your store in the future.


3. Choose a platform that is secure for you and your customers.

In light of the numerous large-scale data breaches affecting customers of major companies like Home Depot, Target, and Equifax, security is a top concern. Look for an ecommerce payment gateway that has a strong record of top-notch security and uses automated tools for detecting and combating credit card fraud.


4. Look for strong technical support and customer service.

The quicker and easier it is to set up your e-commerce payment gateway, the sooner you can start selling. Look for a payment gateway that offers turnkey, seamless integration with your existing platforms and software to get your online store off the ground quickly and pain-free. Payment gateways that offer quality support and service will keep your store up and running the longest.


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