Dermatologists: To Avoid Losing Patients, Use an Effective Payment Processor 

April 4, 2019

dermatologists avoid losing patients

Dermatologists who use inefficient payment processors are often so busy running their medical practices that they don’t realize their current systems may be driving away business.

Your payment processor should be constantly evolving with technology — and keeping you up-to-date on trends and best practices. What sort of POS system do you use, and how efficient is it? Do you offer incentives to patients?

Here are methods that keep patients coming back:

Ensure Fast, Secure Checkout Experiences

Patients typically cram appointments in on workdays during their lunch break or between meetings — time is a commodity for them.

The last thing they need is to wait in a long checkout line or have to deal with a slow, faulty terminal when they reach the front desk. In contrast, fast systems help patients feel like their time is valued and will help save them time in their busy schedules (and helps save your receptionists time, too).

Equally as important as speed is security — patients trust their dermatologists with their credit card, account and personal history information. Efficient terminals help ensure security and maintain clients’ trust.

Accept Various Forms of Payment

Are your payment options convenient for your patients? Or does your office only accept debit cards?

Convenient, secure and tech-friendly payment options make life easier for patients and keep them coming back. Accepting major credit cards that service patients with EMV chips and swiping options will certainly expand the patient pool. Plus, you can go beyond traditional services with advanced payment options like ApplePay and GooglePay to target younger, tech-savvy clients.

Since dermatologist services vary and insurance companies consider some skin conditions as medical, patients need the option to go through insurance. Meanwhile, others, who fall under cosmetic procedure categories, typically need to pay out-of-pocket. Either way, systems that accommodate both types of patients will see the greatest return rate.

Sell Your Products Online

What sort of convenient incentives do you offer patients? How do you encourage them to share about your great service with friends and family?

Stay current and tech-savvy by selling your products online through your website. An easy-to-use online portal for patients to reorder their supplies shows them that you recognize they have busy schedules. They don’t always have time to stop by your office to pick up a product — but they can hop online to make a quick order. As a result, you give them a reason to choose your business over the competition.

At East Commerce Solutions, we know what dermatologists’ patients want for a fast, secure payment processing experience. We’re here to help you — contact us today!