How to Keep Customers Returning to Your Business

January 21, 2019

repeat customers

Attracting visitors to your business is important, but keeping them coming back as customers is what keeps businesses running.

But why does it matter? Money is money, right? Not exactly. Returning customers help your business grow by:

  • Responding to promotions, coupons and offers. If they know and trust your brand and you market appropriately, they’ll keep coming back, especially when you launch eye-catching sales and campaigns.
  • Sharing the good news. Returning customers come back because they believe in your product and service, and when someone appreciates you they can’t help but talk about your brand with friends and family. It goes without saying — this is free marketing for you!

Here are some strategies for winning dedicated customers:

Build Relationships

Your goal isn’t to drag customers through the door or lure them in. You want to build a genuine, honest relationship.

And relationships, as we all know, take work, and most importantly, trust. Customers want to feel safe and appreciated. So it’s important to create a trustworthy environment, whether that’s in-store or on a reliable website.

Keep Customers Engaged

Keep your product consistent with your image, and ensure your staff understands and implements your goals of kindness, helpfulness and transparency. When customers are in your store or restaurant — and even on your website — keep them engaged and on-site for optimal interactions and sales.

Ask yourself questions like: Are customers’ questions being answered in an informative, timely manner? Does my staff make the customer feel important? Is the environment stress-free for the customer, or do they feel overwhelmed or irritated?

Ask Why They Like Your Business

Sometimes, you just have to ask clients, whether on an online or paper survey, what keeps them coming back. Their feedback will be incredibly helpful. Ask them what they love about your business and services and what you can improve.

Reward Loyalty

Loyalty programs are great, but what about that one customer who is particularly loyal? Consider whether they should receive extra benefits for returning to you time and again. For example: If a customer has consistently returned to your business for months or years for a product or service they could find elsewhere but choose not to, offer them exclusive discounts with a special “thank you” directly from you.

Ensure a Smooth Experience

Customers know what they want: timely, efficient service, even when it comes down to the details.

Understandably, they remember experiences like whether paying during checkout was quick and easy or dragged out and problematic.

Keep in mind that an efficient point-of-sales (POS) system can make the difference in their checkout experience and overall desire to return to your business.

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