How to Prepare Your Small Business for the Holiday Season

November 29, 2018

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‘Tis the season to be a small business owner. Last year on Small Business Saturday, small shops and family businesses around the country rang in the holiday season bringing in $2.4 billion in revenue, according to a national report. The same study shows that 43 percent of Americans shopped or dined at independently-owned businesses that day.

Signs point toward an even more successful holiday season for small business owners! While you’re gearing up for the holiday season, consider the following tips to make this year flow smoothly.


Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are brilliant ways for small businesses to make money, spread their brand and attract new customers. Each year, holiday shoppers buy an average of four gift cards, making gift cards the second most-popular gift after clothing.

You’re essentially serving two customers at once — by selling the card to the gift-giver, you bring someone into your shop or restaurant, increasing the chance of them returning. Once the giftee comes in to spend the card, you’ve got another potential returning customer.
From the buyer’s perspective, gift cards are hugely popular for their last-minute shopper benefits.


Ensure POS Systems Are Working

Over the holidays, your point of sale (POS) system — cash register and credit card machine — will be your most important tool. Upkeep is vital in order to have a good return on investment, quick checkouts and happy customers.

So make sure you examine your machine and do the following in order to keep the system healthy and working hard in its fast-paced environment:


  •   Clean regularly
  •   Treat system with care
  •   Face troubleshooting issues by restarting the system


Invest in New Systems

Tired of a glitchy credit card processor? An out-of-date cash register? Sometimes regular care and maintenance don’t do the trick.

If your old system just isn’t cutting it anymore, treat your business to an early Christmas present with new POS system devices — think of it as an investment that will make you, your employees and customers happy.

The holidays are crazy and hectic enough, so you need to be prepared with efficient, fast and up-to-date systems.


Be Prepared for Credit Card Fraud

This is an unfortunate fact: Credit card fraud increases during the holiday season. Help prevent fraud by educating your employees about the subject. The best thing they can do is identify suspicious behaviors that show someone may be trying to purchase an item with a stolen card.  


Prepare Employees for Post-Holiday Returns

Remind employees to not let their guard down after the mad pre-holiday rush, and double check your POS system after the craziness, then regroup. Stay motivated, alert and friendly because the next round of shoppers will be in soon to make returns and exchanges — and to spend money and gift cards!


If your small business POS system is struggling, you still have time to replace it before the holidays. Contact East Commerce Solutions for all your POS needs!