What to Look for in a Hospitality POS System

August 19, 2018

hospitality pos

There are countless options for hospitality point of sale systems, and they range considerably in price and features. While most hospitality businesses have been using POS systems for decades, many are realizing they need to upgrade their systems to take advantage of new POS technologies that help boost sales and keep the business running smoothly.

Here are five features to look for when choosing a new POS system.


1. Simplicity

The best system is an intuitive system. The easier it is to train new employees on, the more quickly and seamlessly you’ll be able to integrate the new POS system into your hotel or restaurant. This allows you to keep running your business without losing time troubleshooting and training. An easier, more intuitive POS also cuts down on human error like under and over charging, losing receipts, or taking too long to make a sale.


2. Analytical capabilities

 Businesses can only grow when decision makers have access to the right data and insights. From tracking inventory, to reporting sales, to clocking time, the right POS system will report useful information that businesses can use to improve their processes.

Real time, accurate, reports like daily sales, comp and discount, transfer, void, no-sale, timekeeping and product mix reports all provide actionable insights for business managers to improve their functions.


3. Automation

Automation is crucial for preparing analysis and reports. People are prone to making small errors, but an automated system can collect data and prepare revenue and inventory reports in real time, without risking mistakes or requiring employees to set aside time to create reports.


4. Scalability

Scalability allows hospitality businesses to keep the same POS system as they grow, rather than find a new system that can handle their expanding needs every few years. A scalable POS platform not only allows for seamless expansion or business growth, but also helps link the POS analysis and reporting to the POS automation systems. A restaurant POS system can link historical customer data to automated planning tools, and predict prep or inventory requirements for a given time period.


5. A Customizable Platform

 A point of sale system should be able to be customized to fit any business. When choosing between options, ask yourself:

  • Can it support every type of payment and transaction type your customers are likely to use?
  • Can it support mobile payments and mobile orders
  • Does it allow for remote access from a computer or phone?
  • Does it allow managers to make on-the-spot decisions, such as pushing tables together or transferring tickets from bartenders to waiters?

To find a hospitality point of sale solution that fits your business, take a look at our list of products here.