Restaurant Marketing Tips to Reach More Millennials in 2018

April 26, 2018

restaurant marketing tips

While millennials seem to always get the negative press, they will soon make up the largest demographic in the US. Learning to market to the millennial generation now is a smart business move to consider.

Thankfully, the restaurant business has never looked better. 43.5% of the population actively eat out, which is up from previous decades. Your growth potential is higher than ever before.

With these thoughts in mind, we’ve listed our best marketing tips to reach more millennials in 2018.

Tip #1: Be Authentic

Authenticity is an important trait for millennials, and faking it won’t work.

Restaurants that disclose information about where their ingredients are sourced, how involved they are in the community, and make an effort to engage with customers online will build a desirable authenticity with their audience. In every digital action, always make sure your brand’s values are front and center. Authenticity is the foundation to every successful millennial marketing plan.


Tip #2: Highlight Health

Millennials are more interested in healthy food options than any other generation. Current statistics show that 52% of “organic” buyers are millennials. What’s more, millennials consume 52% of vegetables.

Should you revamp your menu to include organic or vegan options for health-conscious diners? Take a poll of current Facebook page followers or talk to your waitstaff to see if they’ve had any specific requests.


Tip #3: Enable Online Ordering

Millennials are digitally connected, which means they’re going to be checking your online image when they consider you before they book their next dinner meet-up. A website with well-developed content and imagery goes a long way in creating a favorable online brand.

More importantly, an online ordering option like the one East Commerce Solutions offers will help your restaurant improve on-the-go or delivery orders. 61% of millennials say that takeout options factor into their restaurant decisions.



At the end of the day, millennial marketing success comes down to you. If your restaurant is  meeting their needs by giving them the options they’re looking for and creating a positive experience both on and offline, you’ll gain traction in your market, and in this target demographic.


If you want more ideas on how to upgrade your payment processing systems to align with the expectations of digitally-savvy millennials, we’d love to get you in touch with one of the experts here at East Commerce Solutions.


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