Why Having a Website Will Grow Your Business

January 12, 2019


There’s no way around it: Websites are vital for small businesses that want to grow.

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, boutique, service-oriented business or shop, websites are the solution to showcase your brand.

With them, you can do the following:

Gain Customer Base Insight

A website will introduce you to new information about your customer base. Track site visits, statistics, progress, emails, messages and more. Plus, you can track dozens of trends such as the time of day that site visits are the most popular.

Increase Credibility

Think about it: When you consider a new product, what’s the first thing you do before buying? In most cases, you visit the website to get a better idea about the product, the company and you’ll likely check out customer reviews.

Well, the same goes for your business. If a customer searches for your company and you don’t exist online, what should they think?

A website gives your business the opportunity for customers to trust you, read reviews and get to know you and your team. Why is your product the best fit for them? Why should they trust you?

Plus, once a new customer has done business with you, the chances of them returning — and sharing through word-of-mouth — increases.

Grow Brand Awareness

Websites instantly increase visibility, whether customers live down the street from your business or in other states. You’re missing out on potential new local clients who may have missed your storefront when walking or driving by; if they searched for products you offer online, you would never have appeared without a site.

However, with a website, you can gain clients who live in your own backyard, and with good search engine optimization (SEO) practices, extend your reach as far as you want!

Make More Sales

A strong online presence will help you make more sales. When you enhance the customer experience with a strong online presence, your business will make more sales.

For example, are you an independently-owned restaurant? Consider adding a menu and online order options to your website, to make the experience streamlined and simple for customers.

Likewise, if you own a boutique or store, do you have photo galleries? Online shopping options? Do you list sales or specials?

Engage and Share Your Mission with Customers

More than ever, customers crave engagement and interaction with their provider, regardless of what service you offer. Websites help build relationships with them.

That means an articulate “About Us” page, team photos and bios will help humanize and localize you — you’ll become less of a concept and more of a local, trusted brand.

Don’t wait any longer. Take your business online today! The team at East Commerce Solutions offers simple platforms and payment processing systems to get your digital journey started.